Luos Technology

The Luos technology takes the form of small electronics modules that you can connect together.

Each module is based on a tiny motherboard called L0 (L-zero). This motherboard maintains and manages the functionalities of the module (sensor, communication way, motors…), and the communication with other L0.
Each module is typed by another small electronic board fixed to the L0, which gives it its function.

When you connect multiple modules together, all L0 will organize themselves to create a coherent and unified system that allows you to create your behaviors as you want, in a minute.

This unified system scale has a computational power which is proportional to the number of modules you add.

This way, Luos allows you to design and iterate a flexible and multi-shapped robotic system.

Easy naming of modules

Each module can be named for easiest behaviors programmation.

Automatic topology detection and object-code generation

Every module is automatically detected into the system, and an object-code is generated according to each type (sensor, actuator, etc.).

Robotics-optimized communication bus: Robus

  • Standardized information
  • Power over the bus
  • Resistant to harsh environments
  • Optimized for real-time
  • Multimaster

Inter-controlling modules and reflex behaviors

All modules in a system can interact together, control or be controlled by each other. Along with the possibility of inserting behavior code directly into any module, it allows to execute critical behaviors faster, just like a human reflex.

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