How to start with the USB module

This guide contains all the basic notions you will need to use the Luos Robotics USB module.

USB module categories


Communication modules (also called Gates) are able to share your system's inputs, outputs and configurations outside of your robot, using a JSON API.

You can use these modules to control or program your entire robot with any other device (computer, phone, another robot, etc.)


Power modules are able to share their input power source into the robus wire to feed other modules.

Driver installation

With Windows, you must install VCP and D2XX drivers first. They are available for download on these pages:

Select the files to download according to your system (x86 or x64) and install them on your computer.


How to connect your USB module to your computer

As you can see on your module, there are 2 micro-USB ports. One of them is only used to update your module, and the other one is the one we will use in this page.

The right USB port used on this page is the one at the opposite of the Robus connectors. If you see a blue light when you plug your USB module, congratulations, you have the right connection!

How to use your USB module

Luos Robotics USB module is like a serial port on your system.

To control your robot you have to get and set JSON data into the serial port opened by your USB module. To do that using pyluos for example you can do :

On windows

On Windows, it is usually a COM port, like COM1, COM2, COM3, etc. that is used. It can be found in Device Manager (right-click on Start button), after it’s plugged:

Once the port is known, the connexion can be set on pyluos using:

On Mac

To list your available serial ports, use the following command line:

Once the port is known, the connexion can be set on pyluos using:

On Linux

To list your available serial ports used:

Once the port is known, the connexion can be set on pyluos using:

USB module power delivery

The USB module power-delivery in the Robus network is limited to 500 mA. This module can’t power too many modules or power-demanding ones like DC module with a motor. If you experiment power issues, feel free to add a powerful power category module like AC power module.