How to start with the Power Pi module

This guide contains all the basic notions you will need to use the Power Pi module.

Power Pi categories


Communication modules (also called Gates) are able to share your system's inputs, outputs and configurations outside of your robot, using a JSON API.

You can use these modules to control or program your entire robot with any other device (computer, phone, another robot, etc.)


Cognition are modules dedicated to execute your code or host your AI.


Power modules are able to share their input power source into the robus wire to feed other modules.

Connection of Power Pi module to a board

The connection of the Power Pi module to an ODrive board or to a Raspberry Pi board is made according to the following images.

Warning: Be sure to plug the module on the correct pins of the board, and facing the correct side. A bad connection may damage both the board and the module. 


Red rectangles show where to plug the Power Pi module on an ODrive board (left) and on a Raspberry Pi board (right).


On the left, a module connected to an ODrive board; on the right, a module connected to a Raspberry Pi board.


Power Pi vs. Raspberry Pi modules

For the technical documentation of the Power Pi module, please refer to the page Raspberry Pi module.

The difference between Power Pi and Raspberry Pi modules is that the second can only be plugged with one particular Raspberry Pi board (model ZeroW, which is included into the package), whereas the Power Pi module can be plugged to any version of Raspberry Pi boards, as well as ODroid boards. 

This Power Pi module doesn’t include a Raspberry Pi or ODroid board.