How to start with the GPIO module

This guide contains all the basic notions you will need to use the Luos Robotics GPIO module.

GPIO module categories


Sensor modules are able to measure physical world environment.


Actuators modules are able to act on the physical world.

Gpio pinout

The Gpio module allows you to use the pins of the L0 board through the Luos system. You can use Digital WriteDigital Read, or Analog Read pins.

Warning: The pins only support 3.3V.



How to use your GPIO module using Pyluos

To control your Gpio module, you have to connect it in a Luos network and connect this network trough a communication module to Pyluos.

Then you can access to your module and control it.

To get an input pin value, you can use:

You can read :

  • analog_1
  • analog_7
  • analog_8
  • analog_9
  • digital_5
  • digital_6

To set an output pin value you can use:

You can write :

  • digital_4
  • digital_3
  • digital_2