About us

We design our products to enable robotics market in the world.


CEO, co-founder


CTO, co-founder

Emanuel ALLELY

COO, co-founder

A t Luos Robotics, we believe that developing a robot from bottom to top should not be an expensive and complicated task anymore. Today, it requires a lot of technical teams of engineers in order to master the problematics of mechanics, electronics, low and high level software, and then to monitor the industrialization and production of the system. Tomorrow, it will have to be easier.

Those technical issues bury the real problem: Make a robot that people really want and actually use.

This is what we call a vertical model: when a company develop a whole system from a mere concept carried on to a final product all by itself. In robotics it can takes several years, even decades.

At Luos Robotics, we believe that roboticists have to switch from this vertical to a new horizontal model. An horizontal model allows several companies to work only on specific layers usable for any robotic system development.

We design our product to make this transition happen and enable the robotics market in the world.


L uos Robotics was created in 2018, in the Chartrons district of Bordeaux, South-West of France.

The Luos project was started 10 years ago, working on our personal time, and then was developed in an association, in a research lab, and finally in the Luos Robotics company.