Innovate, prototype, industrialize, and maintain your robots faster than ever!

A standardized hardware modules engine designed to empower professionals willing to create robots.

Robotic modules

Spend more time on your applications by taking advantage of plug and play modules made by Luos Robotics and its community. Constructing robots is not any more restricted to a few high technical skills.


Think your development strategy differently. Modules allow you to work on different part of your project in parallel, don’t worry you just have to connect parts at the end and it will be OK. Also you will be able to extend your machine in the future with the same process.

Usage oriented APIs

Luos abstracts obscure hardware complexity with elegant APIs that make robotic development as simple as it should be. Now you can optimize your hardware for production phase without changing anything on your behavior software.


From your first prototype, to the final product in your customers’ hands, Luos allows you to update, track issues, and maintain your machines as easily as it should be.

Discover our modules
In order to design the right solution, you will need the right modules.
Motors, sensors, interface modules, everything needed to develop a complete robotic system is available in our module collection.
If you need any advice around your solution or need a really specific module, we can help you thinking your architecture for free, please contact us.

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